Sunday, 31 July 2016

Now life is good for Emmaculate

Emmaculate's life would be very different without her free place scholarship to our school.
One of 11 children, she was destined to be a child bride for the dowry she would bring her impoverished familywhen an older sister took her in to keep her safe,
But with children of her own, she had no means of granting Emmaculate's one wish - to be in school.
Happy House gave her a chance when she joined our scholarship scheme in 2014. She passed her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in 2015 and is now in the first of four years in our secondary school.
One day, Emmaculate hopes to become a doctor.
Today she tells us about Form 1:
"Hello my name is Emmaculate Neema  am very glad to be in form one.
In Form One we are more than 20 students.
Out of these some are talented in games while others are talented in singing.  There are many musical activities we enjoy with the instruments we have - including drums, guitars and keyboards.
We are all good in accademics and we hope that we are going to pass our exam, the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, and get good grades at the when we reach the end of form four   we are all looking towards it."
We desperately need sponsors for young people on our scholarship scheme,  like Emmaculate. £20 a month will sponsor a scholarship student and give them all they need to build a brighter future..
Please email for details.