Saturday, 9 July 2016

Our magic touches young hearts

 The stories of our children touched the hearts of students and staff at St Aidan's Church of England High School, Preesall, Lancashire, yesterday.
Elizabeth Gomm was welcomed into school to work with Year 8s  who were taking part in a personal development day.
Mrs Rossall and bakers
Working with different groups over five hour-long sessions, Elizabeth showed the children video and pictures as she told them the story of Happy House and of  our Mama Sue's foresight, vision and courage in creating an exceptional children's home and school which was giving children and young people from abject poverty or despair a chance to make something of their lives.
She emphasised the importance of school to our children of how having an education is valued by every child as it is their only road out of poverty.
Elizabeth told them the story of one of one young girl and asked them to imagine they were walking in her shoes on the tragic journey which led to her finding a  home and hope with our  family.
Her story included many of issues, some specific to girls, faced by so many unfortunate kids in Kenya.
The Year 8 students empathised with our children and asked, intelligent and thoughtful questions,
 They were also thrilled to hear about Linus, who was sponsored by St Aidan's K7 until December when he was able to go back to live with his mum near Nairobi, and of how he is doing in his new school.
They also heard a bit more about little Stephen, who is now sponsored by K7, and his sisters and of how Mama had enabled the children who were in our care for almost a year to go back to live with their mum, while remaining a part of the Happy House family with free places in school,
While Elizabeth, one of several guests  taking part in the development day, was working with different group of students, others from that year were making and baking biscuits with Mrs Joanne Rossall, to sell at break and at lunch to raise money for Happy House.
Their efforts raised £88.74p
Our thanks to Mrs Rossall, to head of year 8, Mr Paul Tyson, and to staff and students at St AIdan's for all they do to help our Happy House family.