Sunday, 24 July 2016

Applying pressure, by Samson

Before getting a place on our scholarship scheme this year, Samson, 19, was trying to earn enough to pay his way through Government school.
Even though these schools are supposed to be free, there are many financial demands made of parents/guardians. 
Samson, who lives in poverty with an uncle, could not raise enough and was frequently excluded - no money, no school.
Now he is making up for lost time, working hard, and enjoying his first year in secondary school. Here he tells us about his favourite subject:
The subject which I enjoy most is physic and I have found that the topic I have enjoyed most, up to now, is pressure.
In this unit we learn things which happen in really life situations.
The topic is easily understood since, in many cases, we can apply to things in our daily life.
 Besides being the easiest subject, the subject has a lot of career opportunities which one can engage after learning the subject well.
 I will put in more and more effort and achieve my dream in future.    
 My ambition is to be a doctor.  
We are desperate for sponsors for scholarship kids like Samson.
It costs £20 a month to support a youngster giving them the priceless gift of education.
They receive all their schooling, books, uniform shoes, PE kit, plus two nutritious main meals (breakfast and lunch) ad snacks six days a week.
 We also give the boys and girls toiletries and shoe polish and brush, solar powered lamps,  and our older kids get deodorants and sanitary pads. 
 We do all we can to lift their aspirations and presonal esteem and to help them break free from the cycle of poverty into which they were born.
If you would like to sponsor a scholarship kid please email: for details.