Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Big welcome for a new brother

There were cheers of delight when Mama told the the children that they would be getting a new brother.
But they were more than a bit puzzled when she told them that they already knew him!
As is our Happy House way, Mama calls all the kids together whenever  a new child will be joining us, and our own children, remembering what it was like for them to be that "new" child coming to a strange place, go out of their way to make sure that every new arrival gets a warm welcome.
But this time it was different.
The "new" kid has been one of our scholarship kids for a while but recently teachers noted that he was often complaining of tummy ache,and his marks were going down.
Dennis, who is in Class Eight and working hard for his Kenya Certificate of  Primary School Education exam, was clearly suffering.
Mama and Uncle Billy called them to see him and soon got to the source of his problem.
He was going hungry.
Living with his mother and stepfather who are peasant farmers and struggle to meet the needs of a large family comprising of their own and a relative's children,  the only  food Dennis was getting was his school lunch and break time snacks. 
He also told Mama how he was struggling to do any extra school work at home because he was unable to have any light at night - it is dark by 7pm.
"When I asked him if he would like to be a Happy House kid, he broke into a huge smile. "Yes, please Mama".
"I told him to ask his mum to come and see me. She came the following day and she was so grateful and so pleased for him to come to us.
"When I called a Kidz Club to tell the kids they were getting a new brother, they were all looking at each other when I said they already knew him.
"When I said it was Dennis they were all clapping and cheering and laughing. He's a lovely boy and very popular with everyone,
"Evans is his study buddy in school so when I said he would be in the same room as Evans he was justso happy.
"Now Dennis won't go hungry and has a real chance to get the marks that he deserves."