Monday, 29 June 2015

Schools' fundraise in UK and Italy

Schools are tremendously important to Happy House.
The children of today will be our supporters of tomorrow, so we are happy to take every opportunity we can of building friendships with schools from around the world.

In the UK

We have received an amazing £718 raised over the year by students in Year Nine at St Bedes RC High School, Lytham.
They were introduced to Happy House by head of year Mrs Clare James. Our Elizabeth went into school twice to tell them more about our work and received an overwhelming reaction from the enthusiastic youngsters, determined to do their bit to make a difference.
Mrs James said her students had taken Happy House to their hearts and worked hard for it throughout the year.
 “The students just kept coming up with great ideas like selling personalised decorations at Christmas and ice lollies on sports day. I'm so proud of their empathy for others and their passion for a good cause.’’
Elizabeth attended at special Charities Reception at the school when all the charities supported by the school over the last year received their cheques and when pupils who had worked so hard received awards.
Elizabeth said: "It was lovely event, arranged by chaplain Paula Burdess. We are extremely grateful to Clare, Paula, Year Nine students and all the school family for their friendship and support,  The money they raised will be put towards our secondary school build."
Representatives of Year 9 are pictured with Mrs James (left) and Elizabeth

In Italy

Caterina, Matteo and Angela
Tuck shop takings at the English School, Padua, have netted a cool 330 euro for our Happy House.
Angela Furlanello, Caterina Cedolini and Matteo Fedeli, students who have just completed first year of the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme, organised a tuck shop to raise money for the charitable organisations the school supports.
They held a weekly tuck shop during High School break-time,  organising everything themselves, and it was big hit with students!
 Next year, the students are planning to hand over the running of the tuck shop to the new IB students so they can continue to help support Happy House.
Their brilliant donation will also help to build our secondary school. Thank you to Caterina, Matteo and Angela and your tuck shop customers.

Our thanks to both St Bede's and the English School for being such great friends. Your efforts will help to give our children an excellent secondary school education and a head start for their future a adults.