Thursday, 18 June 2015

Volunteers see double

Volunteers Natasha and Russ Wenman could be forgiven for thinking they were seeing double!
Playing out with the kids, they met our four sets of twins - James and Jonathan, Peter and Paul, Saumu and Pendo and Baraka and Amani.
We are delighted to welcome father and daughter, Russ and Tasha  who are spending a month helping out.
We are looking forward to getting to know them better and hope that the time they spend with us will be rewarding and fulfilling.
They are taking time out from their busy lives to share their time and talents with our children.
 Russ and Natasha have both been working in school where they provide assistance for our teachers, and have spent time with the kids at home when they are out of school.
In the run up to their trip, Russ and Tasha have raised more than £3000 for Happy House. They also brought with them a case full of necessities for our children, many of them donated by their friends.
Thank your Russ and Tasha for all your efforts, and many thanks to all those friends, family and colleagues who have donated to their fundraising or sent items for our kids.
Every donation is greatly needed and very much appreciated.