Friday, 12 June 2015

Library turns over a new leaf!

It was all hands on deck when it was moving time for our school library.
Thanks to generous donations in memory of the lovely Lisa Holman, who was so proud tp be in Victoria's sponsor family,, the library, has been fitted out with shelving .
Charo, our joiner,  has built the cupboards and shelves  for the library which is one of four rooms rooms built as the first phase of our secondary school.
Moving day was well planned. The books were packed up, category by category and in referencing order, to ensure a swift and easy transition from the Happy House to their new home.
Our kids, as always, were eager to help and under the expert direction of expert-packer, Papa Dave, the quickly got the job done. There were a few pauses when something in particular caught a child's eye and
Musyoka found something so fascinating he just had to share it with Papa!
Not to be left out, Neema, Linus and David sat on the sidelines just to keep an eye on the proceedings!
Meanwhile, our new computer room, next to the library, has moved over the the new school site.  Very soon it will have its own internet connection, a huge plus for our teachers and pupils as it will give access to such a huge wealth of resources, knowledge and information.
Again this has been made possible with the donation received from Lisa's family and friends.
With very special thanks to Lisa's daughter Megan and her mum, Audrey Harvey, for thinking of our Happy House family at such a sad time.
We send you lots of love.