Sunday, 21 June 2015

Visiting our Mama, by Mercy

Mama recently twisted her back, forcing her to rest up and work from home. 
With the kids missing her, just as much as she was missing them, it was decided that a visit was order. As our junior blogger, Mercy,reports:
One morning, it was half term, and the birds were singing their sweet melodies songs to praise their maker.
I woke up and went to the frogs kingdom to take a shower then went to  wear my clothes. When I was dressed I went to take my breakfast.
When we had finished our breakfast. Uncle Billy came and told us that we were going to visit Mama Sue in her house. 
We were very happy, happy as kings, to hear that because Mama Sue we had missed her.
We had asked Uncle Billy:  Where is Mama and Papa? and he told  us that we must not worry she is in her house resting and she will come back soon.
It was on Friday when we went to Mama Sue and when we reached their she was so happy to see us, she too  she missed us so much.
We greeted her and sat down,we were happy to see them. 
We talked and then it was time that we came back.  How wonderful it was to go and see our Mama. It was wonderful day for everyone.