Sunday, 14 June 2015

Saturday superday by Evans

Getting to eat what at they cook, makes Saturday classes very popular as today's blogger, Evans, explains: 
We are happy that on Saturday we have different activities.
 I normally enjoy the activities very much, of all the days I love Saturday very much. 
Some of the activities that take place are baking, computer, Italian lessons, music, sewing and library lessons.
 On Saturday these activities keep us busy. Also of these activities there is one that I like most, this one is baking, I like it when we are baking cakes.
 It’s very nice that we learn how to prepare different cakes and foods, one Saturday I was in the kitchen and we prepared chicken curry, with Mama and Papa. It was very delicious, those who were in the kitchen they really enjoyed.
 When it comes to grouping of the kids so that they can go to different activities, the teachers usually have hard time because everybody wants to go for baking.
 I love Saturday’s activities very much.