Thursday, 25 June 2015

Our bakers rise to the occasion!

200 cinnamon rolls, please!
That was the order for Saturday's bakers under the guidance of Elina Kokko from Finland.
Elina writes:
Saturday might have been a rainy day in Watamu but it was warm and cheerful in the Happy House kitchen. 
Me and my husband Joona are living here in Watamu  while we go through the adoption process, waiting for our little Kenyan boy Marius to be legally ours. 
Marius goes to Happy House School’s baby class and we have been spending time in Happy House with the kids quite often.
We were given a chance to come to Happy House on a skills day to bake with the kids.
We decided to bake the cinnamon rolls as they are the staple of Finnish cuisine, and all the ingredients are available also here in Kenya. 
We asked Mama Sue if we could bake, not only for the kids in the baking club, but for everybody in the Happy House. So, that morning we loaded the tuk-tuk with baking supplies and rolled up our sleeves with 200 cinnamon rolls in mind! Marius was happy to have whole morning to play with the other little ones.
The children were divided in four teams, and each team mixed their own dough for 50 pieces of rolls. All the teams followed the recipe very carefully and were very efficient, so four big bowls of dough were resting under a tea towel in no time at all. 
 While the dough was rising the kids were helping Auntie Ester to prepare lunch and do some cleaning in the kitchen.  Soon it was time to create the rolls. It was not the easiest task with the sticky and floppy dough but all the teams succeeded extremely well!
However, it took some time to bake all 200 cinnamon rolls in the oven. Meanwhile we had good time to clean the kitchen and sing some songs together. We saw many little heads impatiently peeking from the kitchen door as the whole Happy House was filled with delicious cinnamon scent. Finally the last baking tray of steaming hot cinnamon rolls came out from the oven and it was time to taste – for everybody. The cinnamon rolls vanished fast in to the mouths of the children.
We were truly impressed by the kids. Everybody were involved and worked so nicely and happily together. 
We had such a fun morning and left Happy House with smiles on our faces.
 Thank you,  we wish to bake together soon again!