Wednesday, 24 June 2015

School report: Debate win & UK news: online sale starts

Denis debates
Another happy and productive week for our school family as Madam Sarah reports:
Happy House kid Musyoka, and scholarship student Denis won the day for Happy House School in a debate against Silverstone Academy.
The motion "Single sex schools are better than mixed-sex schools" and as Silverstone chose to speak for the motion it was up to Musyoka and Denis to oppose it.
But both boys are articulate and put a very good case, emerging as winners with 10 votes to Silverstone's nine. 
Parents of our day students attended an  academic  clinic  day. A clinic is held once a term for parents and children to discuss progress with their teacher.
The recent music festival winners will going forward to the next level which takes place on July 10.
The weekly guidance and counselling session  was led  by Mr Isaac whiospoke to pupils about causes of stress and how to manage it.


A  four-day charity auction starts today on online a  eBid marketplace - and the Happy House will benefit from donations.
This is thanks to eBid seller Susan Carr, who sponsors scholarship student Mary, and who has been supporting us for some time.
Susan has her own seller's page with  proceeds from everything she sells coming to the Happy House. To date, she has raised an amazing  £1353.

Thanks to Susan we are also able to sell our Happy House cotton bags on her page, making them accessible to everyone.
The monthly charity YDC  Auction gives a seller the opportunity to nominate their charity as beneficiary and having won the opportunity, Susan made our family her choice. She is hoping it will net us at least £300.
Susan says: "YDC stands for Your Donation Counts and the auctions run from the 24th - 28th of June.
"Anyone is free to take part in the bidding, if they're not a member of eBid it's quick and free to join, and if they use the link on this page

" I'll get some points to use towards wrapping materials."
Please take a look and join in if you can. You might find a bargain and be helping us too. When you go to the site search on YDC and all the charity items will appear, with details of those sellers who are donating the proceed to Happy House/Watamu.