Saturday, 8 February 2014

Super Saturday

Everyone looks forward to Saturday!
Mama, Papa and the kids, all on a day off, enjoy some real family time together chatting over their week, sharing hopes and challenges, and just chilling out and having fun together.
Papa is always ready to play a game with the kids on his iPad and volunteers enjoy getting to know the children out of school.
Auntie Pauline, who leaves next week, says having another Saturday is a bonus.
And if it is anything like last week, it will be a day to remember.
"I had the most amazingly wonderful day. David recognised me and climbed on my knee.
 He was filthy. Don't think I have ever seen a child so dirty anywhere in the world. He looked like a coal miner only brown dust instead of coal dust!
Scott and Laura got ice cream for the children and Laura plonked Esther on my knee to eat hers. It was nearly as big as she is I thought she'd never get through it but she did.
She gnawed away and her grip was like a vice when I tried to turn it round for her.
A good bit dripped on my trousers, I wouldn't have been surprised if the restaurant we later went to for lunch said you're not coming in here.
 It's lovely having read the blog and being able to say something relevant to the children.
At lunch I spent some time with Sue  which was really special as I got to know a little more about how the Happy House ticks and some of the challenges Sue faces.
 I must tell you this little story. In Happy's birthday present bag was a Barbie. When I asked her the next day what her present had been she said , a doll like you! I've never been compared to a Barbie before - it must be the hair colour!
Everything here is just so magical."
Thanks to South Cerney Golf Club
Before leaving  to travel home to Royal Wootton Bassett, Scott and Laura Webster found time to give a bit of dog training advice to our Happy House staff, who are putting our pups Big Al and Polly through their paces.
Scott also  presented a cheque  to Mama, Auntie Rose and Uncle Billy for £285 to the Happy House on behalf of his golfing friends at South Cerney  golf Club ,which was raised at their Christmas Dinner through a raffle and cake auction.

Many thanks to everyone at South Cerney for their support and generosity. Every penny you raised will be put to very good use indeed and will help make life better and brighter for our children..