Thursday, 13 February 2014

Bouncing babies feel the benefit

Baby Athman, one next month, has been causing some concern.
He's not coming on quite as we would expect. 
Mama and Uncle Billy have, as always, gone to every effort to make sure there is nothing seriously wrong and it is most likely that his poor and premature start in life has set him back.
Our experience with David illustrated the benefit of exercises designed to stimulate mentally and physically.
So Mama and Uncle Billy decided that that was the route to take with Athman.
And as he his companions in the baby banda are his big "sisters" Neema and Esther, they thought they might enjoy a bit of pamper time too.... and how right they were.
Social worker Florence, on placement at the Happy House, and volunteer Aleka Quintana from Mexico  are working together to put the babies through their paces at regular intervals throughout the day.
And as part of the programme our baby bouncer is back into action and Athman, Neema and Esther are all finding that, just like Tigger, they can bounce, too!