Thursday, 20 February 2014

A special moment for Chloe

There was a very special moment for Chloe Groves when she met her sponsor child, Said, for the very first time.
Chloe is making a return visit to the Happy House with her grandparents, Brenda and Red Groves, her twin sister Lucy and her friend, Jess.
But Chloe, who works in Stafford, has only been in a position to sponsor herself since last year and was so excited to be meeting Said for the first time.
Brenda and Red, from Wantage,  are in Charity’s sponsor family and have been visiting and helping the Happy House since building work started in 2008, introducing all their family to our own family and creating a real bond between the two. 
Mama was on the steps to greet them them, with Charity, Brian, who is sponsored by Brenda's brother Terry Stock, and Said.
Welcome back Brenda, Red, Chloe and Lucy and welcome to to Jess. We know you will have a lovely time.

Thanks to Peter and Jo Reid for braving a very bumpy two-hour matatu ride to come back to spend a second day with us.