Saturday, 22 February 2014

How is your child doing at school x 77!

Keeping up with your child's progress at school is so important to every parent ... so imagine what it is like when you have 77 children in school?
This week saw an open day at the Happy House when parents of our day pupils came in to meet their child's class teacher, with their child, to look through their work, hear results and to celebrate success or to see where improvements should be encouraged.
Education is very much a team effort and proactive parents are so important.
Mama Sue takes her role very seriously, as we all know, and she is a true mama to her kids. School manager Madam Rose thought the best way for Mama to keep up with the progress of all her children was to hold two special meet-the-teacher sessions just for her  and Uncle Billly and the children.
She and Uncle Billy are now fully in the picture and every child know how much their Mama cares about their progress and way they are trying to do their best.