Thursday, 27 February 2014

Booking time

 We can never have too many books for our  library so thanks to all those who bring them when visiting or send them to our family.
Every story gives our children another view of the world and helps them to develop their vocabulary, reading skills and imagination.So thank you to Susan Johnson, who with her mum, Sarah, is in Athman’s sponsor family, for sending these lovely books …which made their way to the library, African style.
Many thanks, also, to Sheena Dawson and Ann Summers, from Wantage, who sent some lovely items for our children with their friend Brenda Groves and also to Brenda's granddaughters, Chloe and  Lucy Groves, and their friend Jess Dancy for bringing more books and other things for the children.  Lily was very happy to be asked to help sort them out!
But as new items, which we are always so grateful for arrive, other items need repairing or replacing.
Right now, our baby cots have completely worn out.  Up to now we have been using travel cots but, like everything, here exposed to intense heat and high humidity levels  they have started to break down – after constant use and scrubbing the material has started to rot.
So we are biting the bullet and ordering six hardwood cots, which will be handmade by a local joiner, at a cost of 60 pounds each.

If you would like to help towards the cost of these, and any amount will be of help, please make a donation via JustGiving, with a message ''for cots''