Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sing a long with Jon Gomm!

Don’t let Jon Gomm play your guitar?  Virtuoso guitar player, Jon, was more than happy to let our Happy House kids try strumming the strings of Wilma’s understudy Lowden, Betty.
And then they gathered round to watch as he and his wife, Natasha,  an accomplished musician in her  own right, presented a workshop.
Jon told them all about how he makes many different sounds on his guitar, using it as a whole drum kit too. And many of them tapped along as he beat our various percussion sounds. He then added guitar, and voice.
Before they got the kids singing along to Bob Marley’s Waiting in Vain, Natasha explained to importance of breathing correctly when you are singing.
Our kids have never seen anyone like Jon perform before and watched with very serious expressions as they took in every move.
Jon will also be giving introductory lessons to some of our children who have shown an interest or musical aptitude on the two guitars he has bought for us (Musyoka is pictured having a try!)
Jon also joined in some dancing, taking a lesson in dance moves from Samson.

Thank you Jon and Natasha for coming along to play for our kids and for donating a percentage of every download of Passionflower to our family.