Friday, 21 February 2014

Angel Karen earns her wings

Family angel Karen Lynne will be earning her wings when she tackles a 4,167 metre trek up North Africa’s highest peak for charity.
Karen, who is the Family Angel coach helping restore harmony to troubled families, is hoping to raise lots of money for our Happy House family.
It will be Karen’s first climb and  it  be a tough, but important, challenge.
The summit of Toubkal
 “When I stand on the top of Toubkal I will know that I can also climb the symbolic mountain which is my message to the world about the importance of family.”
 Karen, 53, of Chilton, Buckinghamshire, heard about the Happy House through  a friend.
 “I love that the Happy House is a home for life and no matter how many children there are they get a real sense of belonging to a family. I am a coach, I work with families to restore peace and harmony in the home.
 “I love the Happy House because Sue and her husband Dave provide all these things for their children.
 Karen who will be taking part in the guided trek next month with a group from Wish Women and,fittingly, they will reach the summit on March 8 – International Women’s Day.
 Karen, a former maths teacher and riding school owner, is currently in training walking long distances to build her stamina and fitness.
 “The climb is done over five days. The first couple of days are relatively easy and will help us climatise to the altitude. Day five is summit day and the real test. It will take approximately five to six hours to reach the summit but we will be walking for approximately 12-13 hours in total.
 You can support Karen’s challenge by making a donation online at