Friday, 14 February 2014

Gifts and groceries make such a difference

It’s lovely when friends come to visit and yesterday Jo and Peter Reid, last here in 2011 , spent a day at the Happy House.
And again, Jo and Peter, who live in Lytham, Lancashire brought so many useful items, donated by friends and  Jo’s colleagues at  Spire Fylde Coast Hospital, where she is a theatre sister.
Two full cases revealed so many things, including beautiful clothes, school socks, exercise books, pencils, toiletries, medicine, sanitary pads, plus a football and a rugby ball!
When Jo knew she was up to their baggage limit and friends still wanted to help she asked for donations and brought £55 towards our weekly shopping bill.

As soon as they pulled up back at the Happy House there were a lots of little ones, just home from school,   eager to help unload the car when they came back with rice, washing powder, nappies etc.
Our kids love it when our friends
bring shopping, they really seem to understand how important these basics of life are to our family … and they all love their food!
Peter and Jo were amazed and delighted to see all the changes they have read about on the blog for themselves and inspired by Mama’s vision and drive that has made the Happy House such a unique and special place. They are looking forward to taking home news of all the kids they met in 2011 to their own sons Jacob and Maxwell.
Thank you Jo and Peter and  thanks also to all your friends who donated money and goods for being so generous and for caring. 

We look forward to seeing Jo and Peter again before they go back home to Lancashire.