Monday, 17 February 2014

Friends and family

 People come to the Happy House to visit as holidaymakers and leave as friends and family.
Italian visitors Luigino and Valeria Basso with their son Daniel and the daughter, Gioia. had a lovely time when they came to see us and were very touched by all the work being done here to make children’s lives so much better.
They brought 200 euro and said they would like to go shopping to buy groceries and supplies, so Uncle Isaac took them to Timboni to buy essentials for our store cupboard. 
This is such a help as we have so many mouths to feed, so many clothes to wash, and our very big house – and our children- to keep clean!
It was a lovely gesture from a very kind family. Thank you. 
Visitors Timothy and Elizabeth Banks from Wincham, Cheshire, are here on a trip of a lifetime to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.
They too were inspired by Mama Sue and what they saw and could see how we are raising the bar for the standards of childcare and education.
They wanted to join our family by sponsoring one of our children and were delighted to meet Alex, their new special friend.
Welcome to our family Tim and Liz, you will be making such a difference to Alex’s life as he will to your own.
Thank you .