Sunday, 16 February 2014

Reading and relaxing - by Sifa

The banda which has become a quiet reading room is a great hit with our kids as our blogger, Sifa, tells us:
Mama Sue built for us a good place where we can be comfortable when we want to sit and relax and read storybooks.
We like this place so much. we are happy that we have a place that we are safe and well. Like if you want to read a storybook, newspaper or magazine, you can choose what you want to read and enjoy yourself because you are in a good place.
 You can also relax there when you are tired and need to rest.
We like this banda Mama has made into a place to read and relax.
We Happy House kids will keep it clean and look after it, we can do that and show the small kids that it is important to look after things around us.
And we shall also look after them, our small brothers and sisters.
When they grow up they will be looking after the banda, because we are showing them good behaviours.