Thursday, 28 April 2011

What's this then?

As the world gets ready for the Royal Wedding the Happy House family isn't being left out.
With a huge television, very kindly donated, only used for screening dvds until now, Sue has decided that it's time to give the children a window on a wider world ... by installing a satellite dish.
Putting the dish together was a little like a jigsaw puzzle, and one little girl had it all figured out. Even though she wasn't sure what magic saucer shaped object was going work, Mwende was definitely overseeing the operation!
Viewing restricted to news and educational programmes, but we think it is important that our children grow up knowing what is happening in their own country and around the world.
And of course, tomorrow, they'll be watching that very special wedding.
Bridal bonus
Now to another special wedding that of Tom and Caroline Stoker (pictured)  and to John and Pip Stoker on their recent for their generous donation to the Happy House thanks to our friend Chris Franklin  ( who is also our webmaster) .Chris said:" It was great do the 700+ Cf10ten ( ) photos for two wonderful families and thanks Pip for the flowers."