Tuesday, 12 April 2011

More milestones

Where one goes, another follows ... even when it comes to using the potty.
One of the advantages of having so many babies around a similar age is that what one does another will copy.
And so the mums and aunties are making real efforts to get as many of the toddlers as they can out of nappies, which will not only cut down the very high costs of buying disposables, but will also give the children a sense of purpose and achievement.
So they are in pants during the day and the potties are all lined up... ready and waiting for a call of nature at any time!
The children are catching on quickly, as our pictures of twins Sauma and Pendo and  of Charity, Linus, Stevie, Sauma, Pendo and Neema show!
Happy Harrry
Baby Harry, our Happy House miracle, has chalked up another milestone in his little life.
Harry, 10 months, is now sitting up on his own.
He is the happiest, most joyous little boy, who has the most captivating dimples when he smiles. It's incredible to look back to last June when he was found newborn, eight weeks premature and 1.7kg, discarded in a black plastic bag on a rubbish dump.
How hard he fought for life, and although we had concerns for the size of his head for a time , he is now growing into it and with exercises his neck is strengthening to support it - just as the consultant said it would.
He's coming so far and everyone in the Happy House family is thrilled with every landmark he reaches.
Uncle Billy says: "Harry is sitting on his own for quite a long duration. It's just so nice! "