Thursday, 14 April 2011

Team Papa Dave

Everyone who meets Papa Dave knows within minutes that he's a football fan.
"What team do support?" is likely to be amongst his first questions.
Yorkshire man Dave's first allegiance lies to Leeds, but after living in Blackpool for 20 years he's got a real affection for the small club making good.
So it was no hardship for him to see his Happy House namesake, baby David, wearing a new Blackpool FC outfit declaring: "Dribbling for the Seasiders."
It was sent to baby David by his sponsor Beverley Whittaker and her family and yes, you've guessed, they are avid supporters of their town's team.
As a foundling baby David, abandoned in hospital shortly after birth, takes the Hayward surname and Sue chose to name in David in honour of the number one man in her life!
Dave is a constant support to her in everything she does and she has often described him as "the wind beneath my wings".
He is now a key player in life at the Happy House. The kids love him and he likes nothing better than working  up a bit of healthy competition - be it football or disco dancing!
This week he's been teaching the kids some football songs.
There's no doubt which team has the most fans - it's Team Papa Dave!
Computer games wanted
We are desperate for educational computer games to help teach our children, pre-schoolers to 13, computer skills. They have computer lessons in the nursery school every afternoon, and the older children have lessons in the evenings and at weekends.
The computer room has plenty of computers but we are not online so cannot download games, so we need suitable CDs. If you have any you no longer need please send them to me, Elizabeth Gomm at 6 Burwood Drive, Blackpool, FY3 8NS.
 If it is at all possible to get them to me in the next week I can get them straight out to Watamu.