Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Mama's home ...

A blast on the car horn from Papa Dave signals to the kids that Mama Sue is back home.
From every part of the Happy House the kids run to the gate, as fast as their legs will carry them, the toddlers toddling up the rear.
Everyone wants to be the first to greet her.
They surge forward as she gets out of the car, kissing and hugging her. Uncle Billy, Rose, the mums, aunties, cook Habel, gardeners and all want to welcome her back home.
Just two weeks without her has seemed like a lifetime to the kids, who clamour to tell her their news.
Excitedly they share in the things she has brought back from the UK - including a ladybird tent and colourful wind socks for the baby banda, bought with some of the money raised by Lesley Pidcock's students at the Hub,  Doncaster College.
There are seeds for the garden, some of which the children will plant and nurture, and other much needed things too. How many people go home with a solid wheel for a wheelbarrow in their case?
Billy tells me: " At last Mama is here with us!  The family was hysterical....we couldn't have waited another hour for her arrival.
 "Our garden looks radiant of course as a compliment for mama.
" After exchanging pleasantries with all the family she went on about opening the gifts, showing us the new  brochure, and then on to putting up the the baby tent. It was a beehive of activity!
"Baby Harry too was happy to have an extra cuddle from mama"