Sunday, 3 April 2011

Smiles better!

Every day for the month I was at the Happy House, the kids made me feel truly blessed, writes Elizabeth Gomm.
To know and have seen where many of them came from, and the hardship and pain they previously endured, only underlines the transformation the Happy House magic has worked on these innocent little lives.
Their smiles light up every day.
Whatever worries or trials the day may bring, Sue and her team only have to look out at the kids smiling, singing and playing to know everything they do is for the right reason. The kids.
Most of the children smile and laugh freely, but each is an individual with his or her own unique and defining traits.
Charity is a solemn little lady. She is the thinker of the baby banda.
She's perfectly happy playing with the others, but she doesn't smile much.
But when she does, it truly lights up your day.
How lucky I felt to catch on camera a rare and special moment when our Little Miss Serious turned waterbaby and found something to laugh about!