Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Many hands...

Now it's the school holidays and all 55 children are at home, the Happy house is buzzing with activity.
They do have holiday tuition, customary in Kenya, but they also have a lot of free time so they are happily getting involved in the running of their home.
Going out shopping in small groups, giving a hand in the kitchen, helping the aunties sort laundry, trying their hand at gardening, tidying their rooms and helping with the babies. 
Social worker Uncle Billy says taking encouraging this kind of personal responsibility is important to the children's development: " We never loose the focus that we are aiming to raise a well balanced crop of responsible citizens who will greatly contribute in the development of this nation and also globally -   business magnates,top CEOs in the public and private sectors etc who will all share the joy of being the Happy House alumni and, as they say,a thousand miles trip begins with the first step.
"We have the willpower and the fibre, we know where we are headed, and for sure we are happily getting there.... the Happy House way"! 
The emphasis is, as ever, on the word HAPPY and the smiles on the faces of the kids shows just how fun the chores can be!
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