Thursday, 21 April 2011

Life's a beach!

The pictures tell it all ... there's fun in the sun when life is just a beach!
The Happy House family went down to the beach yesterday afternoon and what a great time they had -  flying a kite generously sent by sponsor Lesley Pidcock to Janet,  playing beach football, making sandcastles and splashing in the waves.
Jane, who was celebrating her birthday, was presented with her gift by Papa Dave and there was cake , prepared by cook, Habel,  to eat and juice to drink.
Uncle Billy says: "Then, as the kids assembled on top of an old canoe, Janet took the podium and pretended to be Mama Sue greeting them, as she would : " Happy House kids!"  to which they shout "YES" and then Janet  continued as Mama Sue would have done "Are you Happy?" and they all screamed "YEEES!"  - loud enough for  people in the next village to hear!
"It was lovely as she went on asking just as Mama does ..... who would like some cake?  They all raised their hands.
"To me it meant only one thing, Mama, who is visiting the UK,  is terribly being missed!"
The girls then played football against the boys and, I guess it must have been Girl Power in force, as Uncle Billy adds:
 "I won't share the results now because you won't believe it, it's a bit of a disappointment....."
After a swim, they all wnet happily home - tired but happy after two hours of action!
 * There will be more pictures of this lovely day on our Happy House, Watamu, Facebook group page over the next few days - you may spot your sponsor child having fun!