Thursday, 7 April 2011

Search for dream dress

Our Happy House administrator, beautiful Rose Pendo, who works so hard for Sue and the kids will be marrying her handsome fiance Fred later this year.
And we are hoping that YOU might be able to help us to find Rose the dress of her dreams.
Wedding dresses in Kenya are not quite what we would find here, and Rose would really like her wedding to be spectacular and different - the kind of day that will live on in memory for a lifetime.
She would like a dress similar to the one in the picture, if you wore something like this and still have it packed away in the attic gathering dust, maybe you would like to donate it to Rose to wear for her wedding.
She's tiny, a size eight, but anything that is just a bit too big we can get altered by the tailor who makes all the Happy House uniforms.
If you think you can help please contact Elizabeth Gomm at  as soon as possible. If there is a dress out there Elizabeth  can get it to Rose by the end of April!
She is a real Happy House star and so deserves her day to be perfect in every way.
Pampered Chef
Helen McDonald would like to remind everyone about The Pampered Chef fundraiser tonight (Thursday)  7.30pm at The Robin Hood Hotel, Blackpool, with proceeds for the Happy House.  There will be the usual cooking show followed by a tasting plus a raffle and other sweet delights to taste too! Come along and bring a friend or two.