Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Welcome visitors

The Happy House family loves having visitors and Sue and her team are only too pleased to show them around, writes Elizabeth Gomm.
As they walk around they can soak up the atmosphere for themselves and see just how much of a family home it really is.
Now we have the nursery school to show them too and they are delighted with what they see - the bright classrooms with equally bright children!
Every inch of the place is loved and cared for. By the time we arrive at eight in the morning the sand around the building has been raked and dampened down, so not only does it look neat and tidy, the amount of dust blowing around is reduced significantly.
On Monday, three Austrian businessmen, visiting Kenya on holiday, and who came to the Happy house last autumn, returned with a mini-bus full of essential items for the storeroom.
They had called last week and asked for a list of the things we use, Rose forwarded them the weekly dry goods shopping list saying any of the items would be welcome…. we certainly didn't expect them to buy the lot and more besides.
There was a mountain of goods - nappies, baby milk, shoe polish, flour, beans, rice, sugar, soap , washing powder, Vaseline, cleaning products etc.
So a big Happy House thank you to Herbert Strauch, Friedrich Schwarz and Franz Macho (pictured) for your kindness to our family. Your gifts will significantly reduce our household bill this month and we are so grateful.
It will make this week's shopping list for Papa Dave (pictured with Oscar and some of the donated goods) so much shorter!
Today we have had more kind visitors, Piera Laura, her partner Oscar Zanin and their son Mattia, who is four. The family (pictured), from Italy, brought a suitcase full of gifts - clothes, toys etc. everything much needed ad very much appreciated. 
They loved what they saw at the Happy House and Mattia soon bonded with the children in nursery and enjoyed splashing the babies who were having a fun time in the paddling pools.
Oscar, who works in the IT industry, was particularly impressed with the nursery school's computer room.
Piera was in tears by the time she left, she was so moved by the love she could feel… it is, after all, love that is our very foundation.