Thursday, 24 March 2011

Emotional meeting

Yesterday was an emotional and extraordinary day for me, writes Elizabeth Gomm.
I felt so proud and privileged to take foundling baby Harry on a very special outing to Malindi, where we not only visited the special care baby unit where he spent the first eight weeks of his little life, but I also met the woman who found him last June - when she heard the tiniest whimper coming from a plastic bag on a rubbish dump, as she passed by.
Thankfully she looked inside and found Harry, eight weeks premature and just a tiny scrap of life, with the umbilical cord and placenta attached.
She is the kindest woman in the world and took him straight to a midwife before taking him to the hospital.
The Happy House provided all his nappies, milk and medication until he was well enough to come home to us and his finder, sadly,did not know where he had gone or what had happened to him, despite her best efforts to find out. Imagine her joy at seeing him now, happy, well fed, loved and thriving.
In 40 years in journalism this is the most moving story that I will be writing in full when I get back to the UK.
I feel so privileged to have met all those who saved this little mite's live and gave us Harry Hayward - truly a Happy House miracle.
New arrivals
Nurses Hayley Barber and Julia Durham, from Blackpool, started volunteering at the Happy House today and have met all our babies. They have just gone to Malindi with Uncle Billy to take Brian for his x-ray - when we got to the hospital yesterday the radiographer wasn't there so we had to return without getting it done.  There's no such thing as an appointment system here!