Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Pretty feet

Everyone is getting so excited as the first birthday party gets nearer. 
Today we are having a dress rehearsal for the fashion show,  just to make sure we everyone is kitted out and properly accessorised.
Milan, Paris, London or New York will never have seen anything like the catwalk show we have in store …
We went through every box of shoes in our store to try to make sure all the children would have something new to wear, but there were just not enough in the right sizes. And so as a very special birthday treat every child is having a new pair of sandals made by a local shoemaker who is giving them to us at rock bottom price. All the girls are having white and silver and all the boys plain brown leather. They'll look so cute and it wouldn't have been fair for some to have new while others would have had to go without.
Shoemaker Francis Mwena (pictured) came to the Happy House armed with his notebook and pencil to measure all 56 pairs of feet!
The shoes will be put away after the party so the children can wear them again for Auntie Rose's wedding in August, when they will be special guests at her family wedding in Yaa Village . A week later the Happy House will be giving her and her lucky man, Fred, a second wedding party!