Saturday, 19 March 2011

Shoe shuffle

It's feet first as today we're sorting out 56 pairs of shoes for 56 sets of feet, writes Elizabeth Gomm.
Shoemaker Francis and his team have been working against the clock to make, by hand, the party shoes we ordered for our children to wear for the birthday party tomorrow,
And even the babies have their own and they are just so cute.
Thank you Francis for being such a star and for giving us such a good price - we will certainly recommend your shop to anyone visiting here on holiday. 
The kids are still busy rehearsing for their parts in the show and they just get better and better. 
I can hardly believe how some of the very first Happy House kids, who were so shy, nervous and unsure this time last year, have now grown into confident and capable youngsters, eager to take on new challenges and enjoying doing something new.
That's the Happy House magic and tomorrow every person lucky enough to be in the audience will feel just a little bit of it for themselves.