Monday, 28 March 2011

Movie stars

Movie stars
The kids rushed to greet us when we turned up at the Happy House yesterday afternoon, writes Elizabeth Gomm.
Those playing out stopped what they were doing to come and say hello and eagerly gathered together the others, some playing inside, others upstairs in the computer room, to watch a new dvd.
And I wish you could have seen their faces when they realised that it is they who are  the stars of this particular show.
Brenda, a friend of Sue and Dave's, had recorded their birthday show last week and brought us a copy. 
The kids were so excited to see themselves and their brothers and sisters, pointing at the screen or mimicking each other - in the nicest way.
Even the babies loved it (Pendo -pictured- couldn't take her eyes off it) solemnly watching every moment. 
When we left they were already on the third viewing and, I guess, that was far from the last!
So much to do
Just three days to go before I leave for home and there is still so much I had planned to do not yet done.
As Billy says of the Happy House "Life in paradise is never dull!"
You plan your day and then something unexpected crops up, needing immediate attention, and eats up your time.
Sue is the best organised person I know but I understand now why she sometimes finds it so hard to keep on top of the routine work - answering emails, writing a blog etc. With such a large family, 30 staff, the Happy House building and the nursery school to run, she has an incredibly busy schedule. She keeps a close eye on every one and everything, never losing sight of her main focus … her children.
If a child falls ill of has a problem of any kind Sue is hands on in trying to get the best treatment or solution. Like any mum   she is always there for her kids … and there are such a lot of them.
And everything takes time in Kenya. A simple task becomes frustratingly protracted to anyone used to the doing things at speed. 
Sue is a driving force and, thankfully, for the kids and all those of us who work with her, she never gives up. She is a dynamic and inspirational role model.