Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Baby bus

It was all aboard the baby bus when yesterday Billy called for every pair of spare hands to pick up a Happy House baby to take them to Dr Joseph's baby clinic  for their pneumonia jabs.
He'd heard a whisper that the vaccine was running out and reluctant to miss the chance of protecting our precious little ones thought it better to get them all there at once rather than in separate journeys.
Luckily mums Monica and Prescha were both on duty as was auntie Marion,  nurses Julia Durham and Hayley Barber and sponsor Laura Webster were also helping in the baby banda,
I'd popped across from the office to ask something, but was more than happy to help - taking baby Harry as my little travel companion.
It was all aboard the matatu for the short trip to Timboni - everyone singing "The Wheels on the Bus" at the top of their voices.
Once there and parked up we were straight in. The temperature was sweltering and all of us melting.  One by one the babies had their jabs, each one protesting but only crying for a few seconds when the needle went in.
Job done,  a quick head count, and it was back on the bus this time with an extra passenger, Joseph's mother Grandma Yaa,  91, who we were taking back to Yaa Village.  A lovely, kind old lady she sat next to me immediately picked up little Stevie, who had joined me and Harry.
Stevie, named for her husband Grandpa Stephen Yaa, snuggled into next to the old lady and went fast asleep.
Once Grandma left us it was soon back to the Happy House where it was time for lunch - a welcome distraction after a an outing which was necessary but not enjoyable for our little people.