Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Thank you for all you bring to our family

Colourful learning materials for school, beautiful clothes, shoes, football boots for our children, these are just some of the things we have received recently.
Visitors in the last week have come bearing many wonderful gifts for our family..
Teri Derry, originally from Essex, but who now lives in Nairobi, visited Happy ouse for the first time whilst staying at Turtle Bay Beach Club.
She brought some great educational items which will be out to good use in school for the start of the new school year.
She also made a cash donation.
Old friends Brenda and Red Groves returning to see us ince again came, as always, with most of their baggage allowance used up on items for our family including clothes, football boots, educational items etc..
Thank you Teri, Brenda and Red. Your kindness is very much appreciated and everything you brought will bring so much pleasure to our kids.
Mama Sue is pictured (top) with Teri and some of the kids and (bottom) with Brenda, Red and children.

Open Door 

Elizabeth Gomm was delighted to be invited to join members of Grange Park Open Door Project, Blackpool, for their annual meeting.
At Happy House they are affectionately known as the Open Door Aunties and Uncles to Rose Chai who they have sponsored since she came into our family in 2010.
They are continuing to support her now she has been reunited with her mum, who has been able to get her life nack on track. 
Rose went back to her mum in January and is now also attending a school closer to her home. We are,.thanks to continued sponsorship, supporting all her educational needs and her medical needs.
Open Door made a donation of £321 from the proceeds of their harvest event, and being at the AGM gave Elizabeth a chance to say thank you personally and to send them love from Mama Sue and all the family.


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