Friday, 25 November 2016

Happy birthday Auntie Libby

 To wake up to a birthday surprise from Mama, Papa and all our kids was a gift worth more than any money could buy, writes Elizabeth Gomm
Tears streamed down my face at the same time as my heart was bursting with joy, as all the family wished me a happy day, blowing  "I love you" kisses.
To be a part of this amazing family, to be their Auntie Libby, and to know these beautiful children, who have been through so much, love me as I love them is more special than I can find words to describe.
It was lovely to see them, some grubby from playing out, singing and dancing for my birthday filled my day with Kenya sunshine.
In the nine years since I met Sue we have forged a a close friendship, shared good times and bad, and have created a sympathic and effective working relationship.
On my many visits to Happy House, I just slot into fantastic team there, working alongside Sue, Billy and Rose.
Working for Happy House here in the UK is a pleasure. I meet wonderful, generous people and, because I am in contact with Happy House every day, never feel out of the loop or isolated.
Within a few minutes of watching the birthday video, my phone rang. It was Mama, Papa and Auntie Rose calling to wish me a Happy Birthday.
I love them and miss them more than I can say, but wherever I go I carry them with me - in my heart.


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