Saturday, 19 November 2016

School on show

 Some of our students went back into school for an open day yesterday.
It was an opportunity to showcase all we have to offer in a bid to bring in more fee paying students.
As the school is a not for profit enterprise, the fees are affordable to many families and the income they bring helps to sustain our school.
Bringing in children from the local area also adds to the diversity of our school population and gives an additional element of healthy the classroom.
Our secondary Form 2 students showed the visitors around.
 Uncle Billy said: "They had a chance of seeing the many learning resources available: the computer room, the well-stocked library and the well equipped science laboratory. 
"The presence of the entire Happy House family made the event fruitful. The visitors left with joy, promising to bring their kids to Happy House."
Students pictured showing visitors around are: top left: Franco top right: Moses, and bottom left: Nasri. Also pictured are Uncle Billy, Mama Sue and Auntie Rose and kids enjoying a healthy school lunch.

Make a Christmas gift

If you would like to make a gift to Happy House for Christmas, here's how.
We are keeping our Festive Holiday Fund appeal open so that anyone who would like to make a Christmas gift to our family can do so there - every penny will directly benefit our children.
We were thrilled and grateful to reach our £1000 target in just a week.  It will be used to bring together our 70 resident kids and 60 repatriated into families, for a week of fun together at the Happy House in early December when they will enjoy a fun-packed programme of activities, special meals and a visit from Santa.
Any additional money donated will be used to help support the children living in our Happy House and those we continue to support now they have returned to live with relatives in the community.
Every penny will make a difference to children's lives. Thank you.
To donate go to:


Please vote for Children of Watamu in the documentaries category of the Charity Film Awards to highlight our work with children from despair at our at the Happy House and our founder Sue Hayward's inspiring story told in the beautiful film made for us, free of charge, by Massimiliano Zeuli  Please vote for Children of Watamu and ask your friends to do the same