Sunday, 6 November 2016

Our Happy House home by Kezia

At Happy House we have a lot of kids.
We have the upstairs kids and the downstairs; we have eleven rooms and one room for the babies.
In the baby room we have six babies who are sleeping there.
In each room we have a room captain who helps in supervising the rooms.
Every Sunday we normally have a kids council meeting where we think of different ideas to help in our home.
There is also a games room where kids go to play different games or to read.
Only children aged ten years and above are allowed to go in there.
We have the cooks and the aunties who  take care of us kids.
We also have young farmers who help in planting and harvesting crops.

Please donate to our festive holiday fund

It's going to be a wonderful Christmas week for our kids and  those who have reunited with relatives and integrated into their communities, who will be coming to stay.
 We will be paying all the travel costs of bringing them on a "home" visit and the action-packed week they will enjoy with the kids living in our care .
It will be a Christmas they will never forget and  every £, euro or dollar you donate will make a difference. 
Thank you to everyone who has already donated. You will be helping to give our kids the time of their lives!
To donate go to: