Thursday, 10 November 2016

Seeds sent with love

 With so many mouths to feed, we have to grow as much of our own food as we can.
So donations of seeds come in very handy.
We have recently received,  several lots of seeds from the UK some of which are already planted.
Our thanks to Irene Partington of Manchester; Paul Hatch and his mum, Betty,from Essex, and to Helene Stephens of Poulton, Lancashire,
Our gardeners Chris and Alfred are delighted and have plenty of young helpers willing to get them sown.
And, in the fullness of time, to harvest and enjoy eating them too.

Christmas Appeal

Many thanks to all those who have donated towards our Festive Holiday Fund which will enable us to give an action packed week, with lots of treats, to all our resident children plus those, former Happy House kids, who have been repatriated with family members. They are still supported by Happy House and still very much members of our family, and they will all be travelling back for a week-long stay with us,
It's going to be exciting.