Sunday, 13 November 2016

Scholarship has changed my life, by Elina, 13

Elina's future was in jeopardy because her of her family circumstances.
She lives with an aunt in very poor conditions and her aunt could not afford to meet the costs of schooling for Elina. Try as she might, Elina was frequently excluded from school because there was no money to pay school fees and then, earlier this year she was awarded a scholarship in our school.
Elina, 13, writes:
Hello, My name is Elina William.
I am at Happy House School amd have just completed class six,
I am a girl and on the Dr Danwata Scholarship Scheme.
I want to say thank you to my lovely Mama Sue.
Since I came to Happy House School i have learnt so much. More than I ever knew before,
My studies and my life have changed,
I am praying to god to give Mama Sue along life so that she can get help from us, her scholarship kids.
 I also want to say thank you for the uniforms and the free education which I am given.
 I would also thank the teachers, because they tell us to work hard so we can achieve our goals.

You've done it!

1000 thanks. Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Festive Holiday Fund to give our resident kids, and all those repatriated into families, a weeklong holiday together at the Happy House in early December when they will enjoy a fun-packed programme of activities, special meals and a visit from Santa.
Your kindness in donating a total of more than £1,052.34 in just a week is awesome. 
Thank you from us all.