Saturday, 5 November 2016

Coming home for Christmas: Please donate to our Festive Holiday Fund

Lots of our friends and sponsors are asking what we need for our Happy House Christmas and whether they should send a gift for their sponsor child.
This year Christmas will be celebrated in early December when 60 youngsters who have been successfully and happily reunited with relatives and integrated into their own local communities, will be coming back for a visit to their former Happy House home and family.
Some kids, like Musyoka. Mwende and Francis (right) who are now living as far away as Nairobi are excited to be making the journey back.
 It will be a real house full as all the kids will be staying for a week when there will be different activities every day. it will be a proper holiday for them and for all the children living in our care.
We will make sure that every child receives gifts from Santa - in fact their Christmas Santa Bags are already packed up and labelled.

So Mama Sue is asking if, instead of sending gifts, you would make donations towards the Christmas Festive Fund to help us cover the costs of a week of fun-filled action!
If you would like to make a gift to your sponsor child then please make to make a payment for their savings account. It is so important to build each child a nest egg for the future.
Those who have been repatriated still have their savings accounts safe in our care and they can be added to. 
Donations are so much better than sending gifts when postage costs and import duties often outweigh the costs of a parcel's contents.
By all means send your sponsor child a card, they would love that!
Your donations to the Christmas Holiday Fund can be made to our JustGiving Festive Holiday Fund at

If you would like to add to your child savings account you can also do this using our regular JustGiving page
 but please include the name of your child and "savings" in the message field.

If you prefer to make a payment by cheque please make payable to Happy House and send to Elizabeth Gomm at 6 Burwood Drive, Blackpool, FY3 8NS, and put the name of your child for savings and "Festive Fund" if it;'s for that..

Thank you from Mama, Papa and a very excited Happy House family