Monday, 14 November 2016

So hard to say goodbye to Happy House

Brenda with Charity & Brian
Brenda and Red Groves are just back from their latest visit to Happy House.
Friends for many years, they have seen how Mama and Papa have, from its inception,  built and developed a dream.
Auntie Brenda, who is in Charity's sponsor family, writes:
Happy House is a special place.
Since our last visit  18 months ago so much has changed.
 Although many children  we knew have now been repatriated with families there were many new little faces to get to know.  
Brian, the graduate
Our visit visit this trip was for Kidz Club , especially nice as sponsors Colin and Jackie McLean were there too, their first visit.  
We were excited to see Charity, we didn't recognise her, she has grown so much, but we recognised her by a dress we sent two or three years ago and  which she still wears it and looks lovely. 
Charity, who is doing well in school and makes us proud,  has always been shy around us, but I did get a few smiles from her.  She likes to watch from a distance. 
Papa Dave took us to see the school built since our last visit.  The children put on a special show for us at Kidz Club singing, dancing and apple bobbing. 
 Apples are a special treat so everybody wanted a go, with some not quite sticking to the rules!
We returned three days later for School Closing Day and Kindergarten Graduation. 
 My brother Terry is in Brian's sponspor family and Brian, who is six, was one of the KG 3 children  graduating .
I was so proud  to be with Mama Sue as part of his family when he received his certificate.  The Banda was full of parents, guardians and freinds. The kids put on a great show, dances from different countries, Singing, poems.  Putting on little plays of what they would like to become, doctors, teachers, auditors, social workers like Uncle Billy. 
Brian reciting his 9 times table. 
Everyone so confident.  
Saturday we met the kids and teachers at the beach.  They loved the sea.  Everybody was there including Brian and Charity.  
Our last week there,  the kids were on school holidays.  We visited a several times.  Some of the older ones were sitting their KCPE exam, they all came back looking very pleased.  Lovinne, also sponsored by Terry, was one of them.  

Extra special as she shares the same birthday as my mum.  I know she will do well.  Everybody is busy doing something.  Cooking in the kitchen, colouring, doing puzzles in the Banda, organised games on the sports field.  Everybody having fun. 
Smiling Saidi
We have known Sue and Dave  for many years and I cannot praise them enough for all they have done.  
Happy House is an amazing place, filled with happy kids who have come from backgrounds more difficult than any of us can imagine.  They love their Mama and Papa so much.  
Our last day was so special.  Saidi who my grandaughter, Chloe ,sponsors paid a visit.  Saidi was repatriated, as was his sister Rukia,  to his grandma and Aunty recently. 

He now goes to a local school nearer his home in Malindi.  Happy House still supportshim and Uncle Billy visits regularly to make sure all is well.
 As a special treat we treated them all to ice cream, which went down very well, especially little Nicholas getting it everywhere. 
 Saidi is doing well at school, 3rd in class.  He's happy, confident, cheeky, loveable.  He went home with Aunty with the little backpack of goodies.
It's was so hard to say goodbye when we left to travel home.

Thank you Happy House for everything.  
Have a wonderful Christmas kids, you deserve it. 
 Wish we could be there with you.  
Auntie Brenda and Uncle Red

Christmas is coming

We are thrilled to have hit our £1000 target for our Festive Holiday Fund  which will bring together our 70 resident kids, and 60 repatriated into families, for a a weeklong holiday together at the Happy House in early December when they will enjoy a fun-packed programme of activities, special meals and a visit from Santa.
Your kindness in taking us to target in just a week  is awesome rand we are so grateful.
We will keep the appeal open so that anyone who would like to make a Christmas gift to our family can do so here - every penny will directly benefit our children.
To donate go to
Thank you from us all.