Sunday, 18 October 2015

Three junior bloggers bring you their news

My name is Ushindi, I am eight.
In class I am number three. My results were: Maths 100, English 92, Kiswahili 98,  Social 98, Science 8,  Reading 100, Kusoma 100. 
I am a clever boy.
My teacher help me to read and write.  I love my teacher very much.

Enjoying school, by Margaret

 In my exam was position three with 372 marks. In previous exams that we did  I managed to be number 5 but know I have gone up in my position thanks to the wonderful teachers we have. 
Through listening and reading our notes, I have now increased  my marks and I am happy about myself.
Our lessons are very good and interesting. I really enjoy the school and  all the lessons

A pizza treat, by Victoria

My name  is Victoria. I am 13 years old.
Recently we had a trip for all those who had been well behaved in the upstairs bedrooms.
We went to Marina's restaurant with Mama Sue, Papa Dave, Uncle Billy, Uncle Ronald and Aunty Gloria. 
We left Happy House at 11.30a.m,  when we arrived we had a cold juice.
Then we ate pizza and chips which was delicious.  After that we rested  and then we went back to home.
When we reached home, we found Aunty Phyllis was serving ice cream to all those at home and we were able to join in.
We thanked Mama Sue for our trip.