Monday, 12 October 2015

Growing healthy crops ... and kids

 There has been much more rain than usual in the last few months which means our gardens are greener.
And with healthy gardens, we also have an entire Happy House family of kids thriving on the abundance of fresh crops, writes Uncle Ronald.
"Green kale, green cow peas, green spinach, green tomato plants - in short almost everything now in our garden is green.
Uncle Ronald writes: "Our kids are now enjoying fresh vegetables from the garden. 
"Uncle Chris, our gardener is working hard to maintain the green nature of it.
Seeds of hope
"All greenhouses are fully occupied, some with vegetables ready to be harvested and others having recently transplanted seedlings, many grown from the seeds you have been so kind as to send.
"The aim is to maintain a consistent harvest as planting and harvesting are done rotationally.
"Other vegetables were planted on open fields to produce surplus supplies to the kitchen. It’s so lovely to see the green nature of our garden.
"Thank you to everyone who helped in one way or the other to make our garden flourish."