Friday, 30 October 2015

Awards and rewards for roomies

Good behaviour and teamwork bring rewards for our kids.
The Room of the Month Awards introduced a couple of months ago for the older children who share bedrooms upstairs, are proving very successful indeed.
Room captains, who are elected by their room-mates,  write reports daily in their room diary of any matters of concern (untidiness, bad behaviour etc). Mama and Uncle Ronald go through the diary every morning and talk to any children who may need encouragement to be more helpful or cooperative.
Uncle Ronald charts the progress of each room and end of each month, the winning rooms for boys' and girls' are are those with no points against them.
They are receive a trophy which they can keep for a month and are rewarded with a treat.
This month's winners, announced this week,  are the rooms  are captained by Rose Chai and  Derrick.
Mama asked them to choose their reward - a trip out for pizza, or a visit to Mama and Papa's house for a swim followed by hot dogs.
"There was no contest, " said Mama "everyone want to come to Mama and Papa's, so Papa's bought the sausages and they'll all be coming  to us on Saturday!"
The winning girls are Sidi, Khadija, Rose, Janet, Mariam and Pendo and the winning boys are Derrick, Harrison, Samson, Sulieman, Sifa, John and Hassan.
Uncle Ronald is pictured presenting the trophies to the very happy kids.
Well done everyone.