Monday, 19 October 2015

Surprise, surprise Mama!

 It's usually Mama who springs surprises ... but on Saturday the tables were turned.
As her birthday on Friday was school days, the family plotted to make an occasion of the event on Saturday.
So when she arrived for normal Saturday morning activities everyone was ready and waiting to give her the biggest birthday welcome.
They all joined in Happy Birthday for Mama before starting their programme of entertainment much to her delight including songs, music and dance.
Dennis and Kezia were the party organisers and kept everything running smoothly.
Auntie Phyllis baked and decorated a beautiful cake which was enjoyed by all.
The morning came to an end with Mama and Papa saying a few words.
It was a lovely family morning for a Mama who is is loved so very, very, much.
On Friday, our Mama thought everyone had forgotten her special day after she had arrived and settled in for a busy day without more than the usual daily greeting.
Then Uncle Billy told her she was needed by one of the aunties and when she went to see what was wrong, all the staff on duty were waiting,with flowers, to wish her a happy birthday