Sunday, 25 October 2015

Busy Saturdays by Derrick and Sifa

Saturday morning are always buzzing with activity at Happy House as two of kids tell us:
Derrick, 15, writes:
On Saturdays our teachers normally come home and  divide us into different activities such as laundry, garden, football academy, cleaning and baking.
On this Saturday. we were divided  according to our classes. Class 1 combined with class 7 to work in the garden and others were helping clean in the house.
 Class Eight went to the reading room to continue with their lessons with Teacher Milka. We enjoy doing the activities very much and we thank mama for letting the teachers to come on Saturdays, and we are cooperating with them.
Sifa,16, adds:
On every Saturday we have different activities which we Happy House family enjoy doing. 
The teachers come  in the morning to help us to do the activities.
We do football academy, netball, volley ball, dancing and cooking.
I like Saturdays.