Thursday, 15 October 2015

" So much love and kindness here" says volunteer Eva

Eva Huguenin Elie is now coming to the end of the first of five months volunteering with our family at the Happy House.
And Eva, from Switzerland, is discovering that there is much more to home than she could have expected.
Today Eva, who is assisting with French lessons in school,  shares some of what she has experienced
Happy House is more than a simply a children's home. The aim of  Mama Sue, Papa David and all the staff is to give to the children a decent place to live and to grow up in the best way. 
Moreover, they offer them a good education to enable them become responsible and useful people. In short, to have a bright future.
They are truly one big family. Every member of staff thinks about the wellbeing of each individual child. 
There is so much love and kindness here!
It couldn’t be a better place for them to grow. The older ones help the small ones as brothers and sisters. How touching it is to see them happy and smiling!   
Since I came here, everybody has been so kind with me. I feel so happy to be here and to bring some help.
 It is joyful to see how interesting and hard-working the children are when I teach them French.          
 At school, all children wear uniform. I think that it is a very good idea. 
On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it is black trousers (or skirts for girls) with a red shirt. On Tuesday and Thursday it is black trousers with a coloured tee-shirt with the Happy House’s logo. 
Uniform is a good way to erase social inequality between the students. It shows that everybody is equal and can succeed.
I have noticed that the children know how lucky they are to benefit from such a good education, consequently they are hard-working and very curious about new things. They like to learn new languages like Italian or French.
It is very motivating.
I really enjoy teaching and seeing the children make progress. I would like to thank Happy House for the confidence you have given to me.   
If you can make a donation to help us to finish, furnish, resource and staff our Happy House Secondary School ready for opening January, we would be so grateful.
A flyer which you can print out and share with your friends is included here (left), or contact Elizabeth if you would like any further information by email at
You will be helping to change young lives forever. To make a donation please send a cheque, made out to Happy House, to Elizabeth Gomm, 6 Burwood Drive, Blackpool, FY3 8NS or donate online at 

Prizes please!

Our Building a Bright Future Appeal will benefit from the Christmas Market at Marsh Mill Shopping Village, Thornton, Lancashire, on Sunday, November 29. It's a bumper event which will draw crowds of people so we are thrilled to be a part of it.
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