Saturday, 3 October 2015

A lesson in blogging and birthday kids

Anyone who reads the blog regularly will know that Sunday is the day our kids take over, writes Auntie Libby.
 So while i was at the Happy House working alongside Mama Sue and her team, I was delighted to be asked to run a workshop on blogging for some of our aspiring young writers.
It was a lovely session when we talked about the essentials for making a blog interesting - if you aren't interested in your subject, don't expect anyone else to be!
With Victoria and Francis
We talked about how to write a story, the essential requirements, and much more.
I was also able to tell them a bit about what it is like to be a reporter and , I hope, may have sparked an interest in finding out more about journalism as a career.
They were a great bunch of kids and teachers Mr Omoi and Madam Nellie were enthusiastic too,
I now look forward to receiving the kids blogs and sharing them with you,
Taking part were: Victoria, Francis, Selina, Musyoka, Rose Chai, Rukia,  Brian Isiaho, David Karisa and Derrick

Birthdays of the week

There were two birthdays to celebrate at Kidz Club this week, when everyone joined in congratulations and celebrations.
Teachers were asked to present gifts to Saumu Safari (left) and Neema Kanze,
Happy birthday kids!